Inventory Management

The Company offers turn-key inventory solutions. We are committed to work with our customers to review, recommend and implement the best class inventory management practices that effectively enhance profitability. Nezo believes in continuous improvement, cost reduction and enhancing value chain which is critical to corporate growth and profitability. The value adding activities include process review and re-engineering, third party logistics services and outsourcing non-core activities. By this we intend to help companies concentrate on core business activities in which they have competitive edge.

Procurement /Supplies

The Company’s extensive experiences in procurement both on the national and international level has given us the expertise and credibility to offer procurement and Supply services. We manage the entire procurement process from sourcing to delivery. We are committed to sourcing best in class products and provide quality cost saving supplies to our customers. We are dedicated to working with our customers every step of the way and also ensuring that the required capacity is achieved in their business.

Transport Planning/Operations

Planning and operating a fleet is a very demanding and a costly activity. it is against this background that our experts will help our customers implement the most cost efficient transport operations. This includes recommendation, design and implementation solutions.

We provide corporate and individual vehicle rental for either leisure or business purposes. Our current service includes mining support vehicles (4W drives), coach services and tour operation.

Distribution & Network Planning

Nezo has a proven track record for Distribution and network planning. We have the know-how to work with our customers to provide the best distribution & network solutions their businesses require in order to have competitive advantage.

Import and Export

With valuable knowledge of both the local and the international business dynamics. Nezo provides bespoke Import and Export services to our clients. This covers expediting and ensuring good arrival and dispatch time with no defects. At Nezo, we work with our customers to ensure uninterrupted flow of international logistics.


We have the expertise and experiences covering, inbound, outbound, reverse logistics systems as well as review & implementation skills to provide a wide range of consultancy services in Logistics and offer consultancy service involving all aspects of procurement based on best in class skills and expertise.


Nezo can offer clients a broad range of logistics based services including procurement and warehousing, and transport of high value goods. Nezo has the benefit of having long standing relationships with the insurance industry ensuring efficient communication between all appropriate parties to expedite a client’s project.