Hydrotesting Services


All SCBA cylinders require periodic hydrostatic testing as required by 49 CFR 180.205.

We perform a visual inspection and certified hydrostatic testing of cylinders of all sizes (3L to 50L) in our ultra-modern Hydrotest workshop in partnership with Fritz Emde, Germany. We can also refill all SCUBA and SCBA cylinders with laboratory-tested, clean, breathing air and CO2 cylinders (Fire extinguishers) with fresh carbon dioxide eliminating the need to make a second stop before returning to business.

A pressure vessel is placed inside a closed system during a hydrostatic test. Usually, a test jacket filled with water and specified internal water pressure is applied to the container inside this secure system. The applied internal pressure causes an expansion of the container being tested, and the total permanent expansion of the cylinder is measured. These volumetric expansion measurements, in conjunction with an internal and external visual inspection of the cylinder, are used to determine if a pressure vessel is safe for continued use or has suffered from a degradation in its structural integrity and must be condemned.

We carry an ample supply of valves and valve parts on hand, so we can perform repairs and rebuild on any valve.

High-pressure cylinders are required to be hydrostatically tested, and using this test helps maintain the safety standards and durability of SCBA over time.