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Beginning our Journey as a Supply-Chain solution Company in 2010, NEZO has been driven by the resilience of its employees coupled with our mission and vision and Guided by our core values; these have made NEZO a relevant industry partner in Oil & Gas, Mining and Telecommunication sectors.


Growing as a company, our role in providing support in the industry saw several multinational OEMs seeking to partner with NEZO as their representative in Ghana and west Africa due to our fast-growing and developing capacity to provide solutions to complex industry challenges. This development brought on board reputable partners such as Drager Safety- Germany, Hi-force Hydraulics – UK, MasterLock SAS – France, USA, Panther Srl-Italy and Many More. After operating from a small office in Tarkwa-Opposite UmaT, the company saw the need to open a more extensive showroom as the company’s footprints had become relevant amongst industry players. In 2013 an international branch office was opened in Freetown Sierra-Leone to serve their industr


in 2016, the company relocated to Tamso Estate Junction, a location which drew much attention and gave more visibility to the company.


As time passed, the need for maintenance support gave rise to the setting up of a certified and approved hydraulic & mechanical workshop in 2017 to provide aftersales support, such as repairs and maintenance services


The Company, in the year 2018, opened a regional branch office in Takoradi- Ghana, a facility with an office, warehouse and calibration & instrumentation workshop for the Oil & Gas Sector.


In 2021 The Company Relocated from Tamso to its new ultramodern permanent facility at Ahwetieso, which now serves as the Headquarters for NEZO Group, and comprises an administrative office, a Warehouse facility, Hydraulic & Mechanical Workshop, Hydrotest Workshop, Calibration and Instrumentation Workshops, respectively. We have envisioned strategically growing to become a multinational solution provider for industry players across the Globe.



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