Mechanical & Hydraulic Repairs and Calibration


Every year huge amounts of money are lost to industries worldwide due to the breakdown of capital intensive hydraulic and pneumatic tools. This extensive loss of revenue could be drastically reduced if users and owners were always in a position to call upon specialist repairers, at short notice, to identify the faults and carry out fast, reliable, guaranteed repairs.
NEZO Oilfield Supplies Limited is at your service!! We have built our success on our “service first philosophy” and a long history of providing customers with a comprehensive repair service for a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic tools.
NEZO Oilfield Supplies Limited operate a fully equipped workshop repair facility, using the latest “state of the art” repair and testing equipment and techniques, carried out by trained and qualified workshop technicians.
NEZO Oilfield Supplies Limited service centre carry good stocks of commonly used spare parts and are able to offer a first class guaranteed repair service for all Hi-Force products as well as most international competitor brands. All items repaired carry a 180 days warranty against faulty materials or workmanship and each item is returned to the customer with an individual test/calibration certificate.



NEZO Oilfield Supplies Limited offers a comprehensive calibration service for all makes of manual, pneumatic and hydraulic torque tools, across selected regional offices in Ghana.
All in-house calibration equipment has valid, independently approved ‘UKAS’ calibration certificates which are renewed annually. All items calibrated are returned with an individual test and calibration certificate traceable to our ‘UKAS’ certification.
This service is particularly focused on tools used for accurate bolt tightening, which according to industry standards, recommends that they are calibrated, at least once per year and in some cases more often if used extensively.



Utilising Hi-Force tools drawn from our extensive global rental tool inventory, NEZO Oilfield Supplies Limited is also able to offer a first class on-site bolting and jacking service. NEZO Oilfield Supplies Limited on-site services package combines the expertise of our highly trained and experienced crews with the high quality reputation of Hi-Force products.
For on-site bolting services we are able to carry out jobs ranging from a simple bolt up of a single flange joint to major construction and maintenance shut down projects. Our record and past experience of working with many major multi-national companies is second to none and our crews have established an excellent reputation for meeting and beating critical time deadlines, even in the most demanding conditions. Major customer industries include oil & gas, power generation, cement plants, civil and mechanical construction and maintenance.
We also offer on-site lifting and jacking services usually related to heavy lift applications involving multiple numbers of Hi-Force high tonnage cylinders, pumps, hoses and accessories. Past jobs undertaken and successfully completed include bridge lifting, cantilever and steel structure weighing and a variety of lift and shift applications. Our crews have received many verbal and written testimonials for their excellent performance and copies of these are available on request. Hi-Force/ NEZO Oilfield Supplies Limited is very proud of its excellent reputation for carrying out efficient, safe, competitively priced on-site jobs, within client specified time periods. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a requirement for NEZO Oilfield Supplies Limited on-site services.



Targeted at companies with a wide variety or a considerable number of hydraulic and pneumatic tools, NEZO Oilfield Supplies Limited is able to negotiate and offer a regular on-site testing and service facility to customers, which ensures that their tool inventory is kept in first class working condition, fully tested and certified. This is particularly beneficial to tool users that are required to carry out planned plant maintenance shutdowns at their facilities, as this unique service, from NEZO Oilfield Supplies Limited, can be planned to coincide within a reasonable time period, prior to an upcoming shutdown.
A comprehensive test report is prepared by our test engineer, detailing all of the tools examined and tested, along with a report on all tools that fail the test. A copy of the report is handed over by our test engineer, prior to leaving site, for the client to assess and give any necessary authorization for the tools to be removed from site for detailed examination and estimate for repair.